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Movado watches have always been known for their clear, precise, crisp, modern look. This is still as true today as it was yesterday. Movado is known for their classic dot at 12 o’clock which is to symbolize or represent high-noon. There is actually a Movado museum watch dial at the Museum of Modern Art. It was also the inspiration for the title to my blog. 🙂 Movado’s latest collection is Bold. It incorporates a similar design as the other Movado collections and it keeps true to the single dot at noon. What makes this collection stand out is its boldness. It is classic Movado with a splash of color. It is made to stand out and be noticed. It is Bold. These are the current Movado Bold’s that I have but I have a few more on the list. 🙂 You can check out the collection at


First came F.A.M.E and now we have Fortune. Chris Brown’s latest album Fortune was released July 3rd and while critics feel that this album is a miss, I have to disagree and say that it is a great album. Fortune has 4 tracks that are currently being played on the radio and music t.v. stations: Turn Up The Music, Strip, Sweet Love, and Don’t Wake Me Up. In addition to these great songs the album is filled with dance tracks, slow songs, and hip-hop. I personally like Don’t Judge Me, Biggest Fan, Trumpet Light in addition to the songs currently being played on the radio. Don’t Judge Me is a very personal and raw song. He gives you a glimpse of him singing from his core being and inner most thoughts. Its a song that many would be able to relate. Its nice to see different sides of artists. Biggest Fan is along the lines of Sweet Love but it has a great summer vibe to it. Its a song you can just let play while your cruising down the road. Lastly Trumpet Lights, I would describe this song as a feel good song. When you listen to it you will instantly feel like dancing. This is a song that can be played in the club, at a party and if you have a really nice system in your car it sounds great there too! :). Overall I think Fortune is a great album and its one you should have in your collection. Music is key to spark any creativity and this album sparks mine! 🙂

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Ted recently hit theaters a couple of weeks ago and has been noted as one of the funniest movies of the year. I ‘m pretty selective when it comes to hitting the theaters; I won’t just go see any movie just because it is out, but this one was one I really wanted to see. I saw TED opening night and I have to agree that this movie is hilarious. One word of caution though, just because the movie is about a Teddy bear does not mean that your should take your child to the theater. It is rated R for a reason.There are one too many awkward moments in the theater if you take your little one. If you love any of Seth MacFarlane’s animations, such as, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, then you will love TED. Some parts the movie is done for shock fact but again, its Seth MacFarlane, so its to be expected. This bear is so bad but funny at the same time he leaves a soft spot in your heart for him. Although there are bits and pieces that are predictable, it will keep you laughing the entire movie. I truly believe that this is one of those movies that gets funnier each time you see it. The link below is a small clip of the movie and I would definitely suggest you see it. 🙂

If you live in South Florida and are a basketball fan its hard not to be a Miami Heat fan. I was raised to love and embrace the sport; to find a team you love and stick it out with them through the good, bad and ugly. My team happens to be the Miami Heat. Miami has consistently been in the spotlight whether it be because of certain players deciding to “Take their talents down to South Beach”, or because commentators feel the fans aren’t supportive enough and that the team in general is not up to par with the rest of the NBA teams. If it isn’t one thing its another, and most recently there was the talk that “The Big 3” couldn’t bring the championship home. Clearly this was not the case as the Miami Heat brought the championship home. Those who doubted, as well as those that hated, were silenced. Now with talks that Ray Allen will be signing with the Miami Heat, I can assure you that the jabs and nit-picking at this team will begin again. Those that hate the Miami Heat, will hate even more, and the tension with Boston will be even thicker. The world has seen what we can do with the Miami Heat can do and the addition of another strong player will only fuel that fire. So whether you refer to is as Wade County,Dade Count, or Heat Nation, we as the fans will be ready and waiting for the next phase of greatness to unravel.Image

This is my intro into the blog world. I wish I could tell you that I will focus on one area of concentration but the truth is that I am passionate about a lot of things. That being said this blog will contain posts about my favorite things which are watches & jewelry,music, sports, and travel. I currently work for a  designer watch brand and absolutely love it, plus I have the perk of traveling for work. I travel the Caribbean for work and am responsible for marketing. most recent trip was to Jamaica and I have more travels planed in the near future so I will have more to post. My The majority of my interest such as the ones listed above help my creativity when it comes to work so I feel they all come together collectively under one theme 🙂 Welcome to my world and enjoy the ride!

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