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ATTN: Florida- Miami, Broward, Tampa, Jacksonville & Orlando

Sept 21, 2012 the place to be is in Orlando!! You do not want to miss it! Get your tickets below:


Trae Tha Truth- Tha Blackprint

Tha Blackprint is rapper Trae Tha Truth’s latest release and the reviews have been nothing short from positive. This mixtape should be an album from start to finish all you need to do is press play and let it ride. From “I do this”, “Bitch I’m from Texas”, “F*cked up World”, “Fightin Words” to  “I Run This City”, it’s hard to choose my favorite song-  if I had to choose it would be “Bitch I’m From Texas” because I’m from Texas! 🙂 This Texas rapper has made his state proud. H-town stand up! If you like street music this is definitely one that you need to add to your collection.The Southern hip-hop flare is making its way back on the scene in full effect.

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Download and listen below:

Searching For New Music- @CityHaze

Anyone who knows me- knows that I am passionate about music and am always looking to add to my collection. Twitter has become one of the fastest ways for artist to put their music out and for their fans to catch up on the latest. Recently I came across a song from an artist called City Haze feat Steff Reed called Say Goodbye. I have to say since I found this song it has been played heavily my playlists and am glad I found it. Listen below and check out some of his other music.

You can download it from his personal blog:

Follow him on twitter: @CityHaze