Ted recently hit theaters a couple of weeks ago and has been noted as one of the funniest movies of the year. I ‘m pretty selective when it comes to hitting the theaters; I won’t just go see any movie just because it is out, but this one was one I really wanted to see. I saw TED opening night and I have to agree that this movie is hilarious. One word of caution though, just because the movie is about a Teddy bear does not mean that your should take your child to the theater. It is rated R for a reason.There are one too many awkward moments in the theater if you take your little one. If you love any of Seth MacFarlane’s animations, such as, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, then you will love TED. Some parts the movie is done for shock fact but again, its Seth MacFarlane, so its to be expected. This bear is so bad but funny at the same time he leaves a soft spot in your heart for him. Although there are bits and pieces that are predictable, it will keep you laughing the entire movie. I truly believe that this is one of those movies that gets funnier each time you see it. The link below is a small clip of the movie and I would definitely suggest you see it. 🙂