First came F.A.M.E and now we have Fortune. Chris Brown’s latest album Fortune was released July 3rd and while critics feel that this album is a miss, I have to disagree and say that it is a great album. Fortune has 4 tracks that are currently being played on the radio and music t.v. stations: Turn Up The Music, Strip, Sweet Love, and Don’t Wake Me Up. In addition to these great songs the album is filled with dance tracks, slow songs, and hip-hop. I personally like Don’t Judge Me, Biggest Fan, Trumpet Light in addition to the songs currently being played on the radio. Don’t Judge Me is a very personal and raw song. He gives you a glimpse of him singing from his core being and inner most thoughts. Its a song that many would be able to relate. Its nice to see different sides of artists. Biggest Fan is along the lines of Sweet Love but it has a great summer vibe to it. Its a song you can just let play while your cruising down the road. Lastly Trumpet Lights, I would describe this song as a feel good song. When you listen to it you will instantly feel like dancing. This is a song that can be played in the club, at a party and if you have a really nice system in your car it sounds great there too! :). Overall I think Fortune is a great album and its one you should have in your collection. Music is key to spark any creativity and this album sparks mine! 🙂

Listen below