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ATTN: Florida- Miami, Broward, Tampa, Jacksonville & Orlando

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Romeo Miller releases Inception

Actor/Rapper/CEO of No Limit Forever, Romeo Miller, has officially released his latest mixtape entitled Inception. He was recently seen last week hosting/co-hosting BET’s 106 and Park and ever so clever promoting the release of Inception. Staying true to his southern roots, Romeo released Inception via livemixtapes.com at exactly 5:04 pm (New Orleans area code 🙂 ) on his 23rd birthday. Reviews have been positive with a few negative, then again what is life with out haters. What can be said is the majority of the songs on this mixtape carry the southern style rap with the same flare his father was/is known for. From the hard hitting bassline of Link Up (B.B.L.U.) to the softer more motivational and personal side of Fly- this album proves Romeo Miller is a grown man and a forced to be reckoned with. There are a couple of songs from this mixtape that(with a little encouragement from fans) could easily be played on-air. Listen below and if you like what you hear you can download it at :


Follow him on twitter: @romeomiller

If you live in South Florida and are a basketball fan its hard not to be a Miami Heat fan. I was raised to love and embrace the sport; to find a team you love and stick it out with them through the good, bad and ugly. My team happens to be the Miami Heat. Miami has consistently been in the spotlight whether it be because of certain players deciding to “Take their talents down to South Beach”, or because commentators feel the fans aren’t supportive enough and that the team in general is not up to par with the rest of the NBA teams. If it isn’t one thing its another, and most recently there was the talk that “The Big 3” couldn’t bring the championship home. Clearly this was not the case as the Miami Heat brought the championship home. Those who doubted, as well as those that hated, were silenced. Now with talks that Ray Allen will be signing with the Miami Heat, I can assure you that the jabs and nit-picking at this team will begin again. Those that hate the Miami Heat, will hate even more, and the tension with Boston will be even thicker. The world has seen what we can do with the Miami Heat can do and the addition of another strong player will only fuel that fire. So whether you refer to is as Wade County,Dade Count, or Heat Nation, we as the fans will be ready and waiting for the next phase of greatness to unravel.Image