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Trae Tha Truth- Tha Blackprint

Tha Blackprint is rapper Trae Tha Truth’s latest release and the reviews have been nothing short from positive. This mixtape should be an album from start to finish all you need to do is press play and let it ride. From “I do this”, “Bitch I’m from Texas”, “F*cked up World”, “Fightin Words” toΒ  “I Run This City”, it’s hard to choose my favorite song-Β  if I had to choose it would be “Bitch I’m From Texas” because I’m from Texas! πŸ™‚ This Texas rapper has made his state proud. H-town stand up! If you like street music this is definitely one that you need to add to your collection.The Southern hip-hop flare is making its way back on the scene in full effect.

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Download and listen below:



Searching For New Music- @CityHaze

Anyone who knows me- knows that I am passionate about music and am always looking to add to my collection. Twitter has become one of the fastest ways for artist to put their music out and for their fans to catch up on the latest. Recently I came across a song from an artist called City Haze feat Steff Reed called Say Goodbye. I have to say since I found this song it has been played heavily my playlists and am glad I found it. Listen below and check out some of his other music.

You can download it from his personal blog:


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No Limit Forever Presents: Bengie B

No Limit Forever has released another mixtape from their southern vault. Bengie B’s Ben Raw Ben Real was released on Tuesday August 21,2012 just a couple days after the release of Romeo Miller’s Inception. Dubbed by Mr. Miller as the the “tank’s secret weapon”, this mixtape stands true to its name. If you are a fan of hard southern hip-hop this is one you will definitely need to add to your collection. My personals favorites from this album are “I Feel”,Β  “Cut Throat” and “I’m Loaded”. This really should be an album and should be receiving air-play on the radio.
Take a listen below and download.

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Romeo Miller releases Inception

Actor/Rapper/CEO of No Limit Forever, Romeo Miller, has officially released his latest mixtape entitled Inception. He was recently seen last week hosting/co-hosting BET’s 106 and Park and ever so clever promoting the release of Inception. Staying true to his southern roots, Romeo released Inception via livemixtapes.com at exactly 5:04 pm (New Orleans area code πŸ™‚ ) on his 23rd birthday. Reviews have been positive with a few negative, then again what is life with out haters. What can be said is the majority of the songs on this mixtape carry the southern style rap with the same flare his father was/is known for. From the hard hitting bassline of Link Up (B.B.L.U.) to the softer more motivational and personal side of Fly- this album proves Romeo Miller is a grown man and a forced to be reckoned with. There are a couple of songs from this mixtape that(with a little encouragement from fans) could easily be played on-air. Listen below and if you like what you hear you can download it at :


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First came F.A.M.E and now we have Fortune. Chris Brown’s latest album Fortune was released July 3rd and while critics feel that this album is a miss, I have to disagree and say that it is a great album. Fortune has 4 tracks that are currently being played on the radio and music t.v. stations: Turn Up The Music, Strip, Sweet Love, and Don’t Wake Me Up. In addition to these great songs the album is filled with dance tracks, slow songs, and hip-hop. I personally like Don’t Judge Me, Biggest Fan, Trumpet Light in addition to the songs currently being played on the radio. Don’t Judge Me is a very personal and raw song. He gives you a glimpse of him singing from his core being and inner most thoughts. Its a song that many would be able to relate. Its nice to see different sides of artists. Biggest Fan is along the lines of Sweet Love but it has a great summer vibe to it. Its a song you can just let play while your cruising down the road. Lastly Trumpet Lights, I would describe this song as a feel good song. When you listen to it you will instantly feel like dancing. This is a song that can be played in the club, at a party and if you have a really nice system in your car it sounds great there too! :). Overall I think Fortune is a great album and its one you should have in your collection. Music is key to spark any creativity and this album sparks mine! πŸ™‚

Listen below